EUPC Forum 2023


01 - 05 mar 2023

EUPC Forum 2023 has the full details.

From 1 – 5 March 2023 we will feature: 

  • 30+ Speakers from across Europe

  • A diversity of perspectives on food systems

  • Stories from regenerative farmers, growers and cooperatives

  • Knowledge on growing food at different scales: from balcony to farm

  • Networking with the local and international community

As well as live event broadcasts each day, participants will get access to all the recordings for at least a year after the event. There are also opportunities to take part in the event via our Open Community Programme and social networking space. 

Options for sharing

See for resources to download – graphics, video links and some standard text you could simply copy.

  • There is an email we ask you to share to your mailing list.

  • Please link with us on social media: Facebook page and a Facebook event, also instagram.

  • There is flyer artwork as a PDF.


Are you part of an ethical or permaculture organisation interested in partnering on the EUPC Forum 2023? Partners receive great exposure to around 1000 attendees with opportunities to feature in our live event broadcasts over March 1-5 2023, as well as in pre- and post-event promotions.

To find out more about the packages available, visit:

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