Winter PDC Course at Avnø Højskole


19 jan 2024 - 04 feb 2024

Use your wintertime on an unforgettable experience! Give yourself a Permaculture Design education this winter, and become a certified Permaculture Designer.

Sign up here: Permaculture Design Course 2024 / January 19 - February 4 - Avnø Højskole (

What is special about this specific PDC?

This course stretches over 17 days, instead of the usual 14!  It includes 2 full days of excursions to fantastic and inspiring permaculture projects in the local area. We will take you to visit the eye-opening ecovillage ”Permatopia”, the diverse community project ”Køge Fælles Jord”, and the inspiring permaculture homestead ”Radstedgård” These 3 projects offer a great overview of what is possible with permaculture. Whether you’re hoping to live in or start up a whole ecovillage, or you want to work with community projects, tinyhouses, or develop a small-holding and farm for yourself and your family – these projects will give you plenty of inspiration to take with you on your permaculture journey.

The extra days allow us some free time on the course, where you can relax and review all the material and information. (The PDC can be really intensive, since you will get a lot of information in a short space of time!)  On your free days you can borrow a bike or go walking in the beautiful Avnø Nature Reserve which surrounds the high school.

Studying at Avnø in the wintertime is a great way to get through the darkest months of the year – stay warm and cosy with us at the high school, enjoy our delicious and nutritious macrobiotic meals, and spend time together with this lovely and caring community. Make new friends from all over the world with this internationally friendly course. We have students and volunteers from all over the world meeting at Avnø, so you can build a global network by joining this PDC.

What will you learn on the course
The PDC course teaches you how to think in Permaculture Principles and how to follow a permaculture design process from start to finish. You will learn the skills you need to read landscapes, understand context and design regenerative systems that provide food, energy and shelter. There will be lots of information to take in, but also lots of interactive content throughout the course, where you can try out designing for yourself. The last 4 days of the course are used to create permaculture designs in groups, so you really have tried putting everything you learnt into practice. Even though it’s winter we will offer practical workshops so you can get your hands dirty and gain some practical skills and experiences with permaculture.

Topics Covered Include
Permaculture basics including principles and design tools

Water systems, water collection and wastewater treatment

Understanding soil and soil biology – how to build soil and protect what we have

Simple soil testing

Understanding trees and their energy interactions

Understanding how the forest and the natural world works

Forest Gardening and Agroforestry

Permaculture gardening

Social Permaculture – health, wealth and alternative economy

Ecobuilding, Retrofitting and Urban Permaculture

Design Frameworks in permaculture and how to use them

And much more!

The Teachers

Charlotte Lou Langdon (lead instructor) has been teaching workshops and courses in Permaculture design, self-sufficiency, and personal sustainability since 2016. Starting her journey with permaculture, Lou was the youngest person on her PDC course. Her diploma pathway lasted more than 10 years. She took part in courses, workshops, and job shadowing with experts in their fields, such as Martin Crawford, Caroline Aitken, Aranya, Graham Bell, and Rakesh Rootsman Rak to name a few.

Lou ended up settling in Denmark in her twenties, where she worked for the Danish Permaculture Association, writing their newsletter, organizing events, and helping members with their questions and queries. She completed her diploma in 2022 and is still an avid designer, right now building her own home from natural materials, one of her most recent designs.

She now works full-time as a viticulturist (wine grower) and wine-maker, managing 2 hectares of organic vineyards on the small island of Fejø. At Hideaway Lou is an integral part of the small business which includes its own production facilities and a small restaurant, serving dishes made with local produce. Hideaway’s wines are some of the best in Denmark, and can even be found in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen. She was a very popular lead instructor of the PDC in Avnø Højskole held in the spring of 2023.


Simon Gillesberg (Assisting teacher) is an experienced permaculture practitioner – Now 50 years old, he has been working with self-sufficiency for almost two decades. His farm (which we will visit during the course) includes many Permaculture designs for you to see and learn from, including an extensive No-Dig kitchen garden, a beautiful and abundant Forest Garden, solar hot water system, and different forms of animal husbandry.

The farm is always developing and Simon is currently working on designs for rainwater catchment, and a hot compost heating system for the house! At Simon’s farm the family community practices Social Permaculture (Sociocracy) so he also has an in depth experience of what it takes to work and live in a supportive community. He is currently working towards the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design with the Nordic Permaculture Academy, and plans to finish his portfolio and diploma in 2024. Not only is Simon an avid permaculture designer and practitioner on his own farm and homestead, but he has also designed several Permaculture Gardens for others – He is on the way to becoming one of the few that actually work with permaculture full-time, both as a teacher and permaculture consultant.

Simon has been a teacher, and assistant teacher on various courses including the full 72 hour PDC in Estonia, kitchen gardening courses at Gram Højskole, and introduction courses to permaculture, at his own farm.

“I can teach you gardening techniques, and permaculture practices, but above all I hope to facilitate a process in you, that leads to a better connection to yourself, to nature, community, and all living things.”


Sign Up Here: Permaculture Design Course 2024 / January 19 – February 4 – Avnø Højskole (


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  1. Kære Avnø Højskole
    Jeg er ved at uddanne mig til gartner og vil super gerne spore min vej ind på bæredygtighed allerede fra start. Er det mon muligt som en del af min uddannelse? Hvad koster det? Er der mulighed for fondsmidler?
    Grønne hilsner, Ida Marie Tulsi

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