Permaculture Teacher Training (online)


25 okt 2023 - 29 nov 2023

Effective teaching for a changing world – A Course Designed by Rosemary Morrow 

Welcome to this first collaboration between Rosemary Morrow, Alfred Decker and their fantastic teaching team, and the Permaculture Association of Britain – and come join us an accessible and inspiring online teacher training!

About the course
The Permaculture Teacher Training (PTT) is an international training offered in English and designed by the internationally-renowned teacher Rosemary Morrow, in which the content and teaching of permaculture coincide harmoniously with the ethics. PTTs are organised by Rosemary’s Permaculture Teacher Training Collective, of which the lead trainer for this online course, Alfred Decker, is a collective member. 

The course is available to PDC holders from any country.

Listen to Rosemary Morrow talk about the course here!


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