Growing Tagasaste in the cold climate as cattle and sheep fodder

Status - running

Tagasaste is a pioneer (and a tree), that collects nitrogen from the air. Tagasaste is supposed to be a very good tree for grazing many kinds of livestock, including cattle, sheep, goats and horses. It is also an excellent bee-forage. The toxidity level is low enough for using it as fodder.

Step 1: The problem using tagasaste in the cool climate, is that being a native of the Canary Islands, it doesnt like to much frost. It do survive down to -9C (15.8F), but we can get down to -20C (-4F) in extreme winters. The question is - Will the tree die, or will it just grow back from the roots again.

Step 2: The next thing will be to find out if it is possible to harvest and store Tagasaste for fodder in the winter, either as hay or as silage. That project will be running in the (European) summer 2001, if the trees survives the winter!

Seeds sown: 31st of March 2000
Trees planted out: 17th of June 2000 (7 trees, sizes between 25 and 30 cm)

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