The history of Permaculture

Bill Mollison is born. 1959 Bill Mollison writes in his diary about the rainforests of Tasmania: " I believe that we could build systems that would function as well as this one does "
1974 Bill Mollison & David Holmgren develop the permaculture concept. 1975 May 24: Bill Mollison talks on ABC radio about Permaculture - Get a huge response in form of thousands of letters afterwards
1976 1977 Terry White founds the newsletter "The Permaculture Journal" 1978 Bill Mollison & David Holmgren publish "Permaculture one" 1979
The Permaculture Institute is established.
Bill Mollison "Permaculture two".
Bill Mollison recieves the right livehood award. 1982
The "Seedsavers network" in Australia established by Jude & Michel Fanton. 1987 The Permaculture Institute (Bill Mollison) moves from Stanley TAS (Australia) to Tyalgum NSW.
1988 Bill Mollison publish "Permaculture - A designers manual"
1989 Plants for a Future establish their base on 28 acres in Cornwall, England. 1990
Permanent Publicatins in England is founded.
"The Anchorage" in England starts farming using permaculture principles.
Bill Mollison recieves the Australian Achiever award.
Robyn Francis and other good people start building a permaculture village near Nimbin NSW Australia.
Keveral Farm in Devon, England starts using permaculture principles.
1994 The "Permaculture international journal" celebrates its 50th issue. Schumacher Forest Garden is established in England by Martin Crawford.
Tinkers Bubble in England is established.
Bill Mollison publish "Introduction to Permaculture". 1996
Bill Mollison teaches his last course in Tyalgum. 1998
Steen Møller & Daimi builds a strawbale house on Danish national television. Strawbale building becomes a fashion in DK.
The "Seedsavers Network" in Australia establish a new centre in Byron Bay NSW.
Bill Mollison start teaching courses again. This time in Tasmania. 2000
Steen Møller & Lars Keller starts a business building strawbale houses in Denmark.
In may the Permaculture International Journal publish issue number 75. This would also be the last issue, due to the introduction of GST (Australian VAT) in June.
February: PermAgro is founded at the organic farming school in Denmark.
Tagari Farm, The Permaculture Research Institute moves from Tyalgum to The Channon due to problems with the local authorities.
May: "Permalot" in The Czech Republic buys 10,5 ha dedicated to a permaculture plot.
"Friland" ecovillage is getting established in Denmark. The process is shown on TV.
PermAgro arranges a permaculture trip to UK. 9 people go.
"Den selvforsynende Landsby" permaculture ecovillage in Denmark starts planning a sustainable way of living.

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