Green house

In the cold climate a greenhouse (glasshouse) is a very good thing to have. You can grow some of the tropical/subtropical plants, that would do poorely in a temperate summer.

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Plants to grow in a glasshouse
The most popular greenhouse plants (in Denmark) is tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicums.

Common problems with a greenhouse
The problem with a greenhouse is that it (often) gets to hot in the daytime, and to cold in the night. Therefore it is a very good idea to make some kind of a heatstorage, so you can store the ekstra heat from the afternoon sun, and use that heat to warm up the greenhouse during the night. There are a few lowtech solutions to that problem. One is to have a big tank/drum of water in the greenhouse. If it is painted black, it will be able to both push and pull the heat very effective, so you will end up getting a more constant temperature in your greenhouse.
One of the worst things that cause a heat loss in a house, is if the windows are moist. That makes it easier for the heat to travel from the air to the glass. Unless you got thermal windows (2 layers of glass, with a vacuum in between) it will be very hard to avoid this problem. A way to handle this is to install a heatpump, that "pump" the heat from the air into some kind of a storage. The surface of the pipe connected to the heatpump is colder than the air and the windows (same way as a fridge works), and the water (moist from the air) will condense on this instead. This is a quite expensive solution though.

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